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Mula Monogram
This font will come in the 1 inch and 1.5 inch size in upper case letters only letters range in 1.20x1.20" and 2.72"x2.25"
Price - $5.00

KK Monogram
This set will come in upper case letters only in the 1 inch 2 inch and 2.5 inch sizes
Price - $5.00

Monogram Set 13
Average large letter size is 1.07"x1.88" Center letter size .86"x 1.06"
Price - $5.00

Monogram Set 14a
This monogram will come in a 1.3 inch size with the center letters only. A 2 inch size (centers av. 1.83"x2.01" sides av. 1.31"x1.43") 3 inch size (centers av. 2.47"x3.01" sides av. 1.98"x2.20")a 4 inch size (centers av. 3.64"x4" sides av. 2.57"x2.94")
Price - $6.50

Monogram Set 14b Large Sizes
This monogram will come in a 5, 6, & 7 inch size. The 5 inch size (centers av. 4.50"x5.00" sides av. 3.21"x3.43") 6 inch size (centers av. 5.40"x6.00" sides av.3.80"x4.24")a 7 inch size (centers av. 6.24"x7.04"" sides av. 4.30"x4.81")
Price - $6.50

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